1.- Preliminary promotional video of the project (the final version can be found below – under the point 24).

2.- Presentation in the International Strategic Workshop on European coal research in light of EU policy objective to 2050 and future global trends in coal use titled Post-mining research and coal mine re-use (Brussels, 28 January 2020).

International Strategic Workshop Agenda on European Coal Research

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3.- Presentation of RECOVERY’s Business Plan in the United Nations  Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Workshop on Post-Mining Perspectives: Capture and Use of Abandon Mine Methane and Mine Reclamation and Revitalization of Post Mining Areas titled Revitalization of post mining areas: circular economy contributions (Cracow, Poland, 26 February 2020). 

UNECE Seminar Agenda on Post-Mining Perspectives

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4.- Presentation in the Just Transition Platform Meeting – Coal Regions in Transition Virtual Week, 16-19 November 2020 within the session Research projects on environmental issues related to mining and coal mine closure, providing insight on the research state of the project as well as its aims and objectives (16-19 November 2021).

Just Transition Platform Meeting Briefing

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Just Transition Platform Presentation 201118

5.- Presentation in the Platform Initiative in Support of Coal Regions in Transition for Western Balkans and Ukraine within the session Sharing knowledge on the transition of coal regions – study visits of stakeholders from Ukraine to Polish mining regions, funded by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (3 March and 12 May 2021).

Platform website

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6.- Promotional video of de project updated.

7.- Presentation in the Conference on Extension of the System for Management of Post-mining Areas in the Silesian Voivodeship (OPI-TPP 2.0) titled RECOVERY Project: Restoration of degraded and transformed ecosystems in post-mining areas (Katowice-Poland, 27 September 2021).

Conference Program OPI-TPP 2.0

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8.- Presentation in the V International Symposium on Mine Safety Science and Engineering (ISMSSE2021) titled Land reclamation of coal mine affected areas in highly acidic waste heaps (Katowice-Poland, 21-25 November 2021).

ISMSSE 2021 Symposium Programme

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9.- Video of RECOVERY developed for the project: Sharing knowledge on the transition of coal regions – study visits of stakeholders from Ukraine to Polish mining regions, implemented by the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas and the Central Mining Institute (October 2020 – December 2021).

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10.- Presentation in the GIS Ostrava 2022Earth Observation for Smart City and Smart Region titled Ecosystem services of Heap Ema (Ostrava, 16-18 March 2022).

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11.- Presentation of RECOVERY in the RFCS Summit 2022 – Coal day within the session RFCS coal projects that have supported and promoted the European Green Deal (Brussels, 22 March 2022).

RFCS Summit 2022 – Coal day Agenda

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12.- First paper of RECOVERY in Sustainability titled Development of Soil Substitutes for the Sustainable Land Reclamation of Coal Mine-Affected Areas (April, 2022).

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13.- HUNOSA presented the RECOVERY Project in the 65th International Trade Fair of Asturias that took place from August 6 to 21, 2022, in Gijón (Asturias, Spain) with more than 700,000 visitors, accredited through an audit commissioned by the Association of Spanish Fairs.

14.- Presentation of RECOVERY in the 13th European Conference on Ecological Restoration, SERE 2022 tiltled Soil Substitutes for Sustainable Land Reclamation of Coal Mining-Affected Areas within the session Soil and Water Bioengineering, a Nature based discipline between grey and green Infrastructures (Alicante, Spain, 7 September 2022).

Abstracts Book & Programme

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15.- Second paper of RECOVERY in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health entitled Restoring Coal Mining-Affected Areas: The Missing Ecosystem Services (October, 2022).

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16.- Presentation of RECOVERY at the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, within the International Mining Lecture Series, titled A Green Energy Transition: Leveraging Competitive Advantages of Coal Mines (24 November 2022).

Lecture abstract

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See the video of the presentation

17.- Presentation of RECOVERY in the project Sharing knowledge on the transition of coal regions – study visits of stakeholders from Ukraine to Polish mining regions within the session GIG – R&D partner of the transformation process (Katowice, 13 December 2022).

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18.- Third paper of RECOVERY in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health entitled Valuation of Ecosystem Services Based on EU Carbon Allowances—Optimal Recovery for a Coal Mining Area (January, 2023).

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19.- Presentation of RECOVERY in the PLANT project within the Programme European mobility: Circular Economy Innovation network for SMEs (Katowice, 8 March 2023).

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20.- Presentation of RECOVERY achievements at SPAQUE sa, Liège, Belgium. Centre Terre et Pierre (Turnai, Belgium, 29 March 2023).

Visit SPAQUE sa

21.- Presentation for the British Mining Trade Association (ABMEC) during the Visit to the Central Mining Institute (GIG) by members of the British ABMEC Association, titled Circular Economy in GIG activities (Katowice, Poland, 29 March 2023).

Programme of the visit

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22.- Presentation of RECOVERY during the Visit to the Central Mining Institute (GIG) by members of Valenje Municipality (Katowice, Poland, 10 May 2023).

23.- Fourth paper of RECOVERY in the Land Journal entitled Ecosystem Services for Planning Post-Mining Landscapes Using the DPSIR Framework (May, 2023).

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24.- Final promotional video of the project.

25.- Fifth paper of RECOVERY in Sustainability entitled Minimising Coal Mining’s Impact on Biodiversity: Artificial Soils for Post-Mining Land Reclamation (June, 2023).

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26.- Final WORKSHOP, Cultural Center in Libiąż (Libiąż, Poland, 2 June 2023).

Download the Agenda / Pobierz Agendę

WELCOME ADDRESS by Professor Stanisław Prusek, Director of Główny Instytut Górnictwa and Jacek Latko, Mayor of Libiąż Municipality.

Presentation of the project ambitions and methodology – Download the presentation

Site specific challenges within the project: Asturias, Spain – Download the presentation

Site specific challenges within the project: Region of Moravia-Silesia, Czech Republic – Download the presentation

Site specific challenges within the project: Region of Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic – Download the presentation

Site specific challenges within the project: Region south of Leipzig, Germany – Download the presentation

Site specific challenges within the project: Region of Małopolska, Poland – Download the presentation

Artificial soil substitutes for restoration: Janina waste heap in Libiąż – Download the presentation

Synergies between different EU-funded projects – Download the presentation

The Workshop included a Panel of experts on recovery of degraded and transformed ecosystems in coal mining-affected areas: challenges, ecosystem services, valuation of ecosystems, social acceptance, incentive for new economic activities. Speakers: Robert Frączek (Tauron), Petr Neumann (DIAMO), Pedro Riesgo (UNIOVI), Noel Canto (HUNOSA), Mariusz Kruczek (GIG), Jacek Latko (Mayor of Libiąż). Moderator: Alicja Krzemień (GIG).

The Workshop also included a technical visit to Janina Mine’s Libiąż waste heap were the attendants saw the conducted techniques to develop artificial substitutes for soils in the case of ‘difficult terrains’, and assessed their effectiveness.

27.- PhD on RECOVERY authorised for defence at the University of Oviedo in June 2023, titled Restoration of coal mining-affected areas. An application of the “ecosystem services concept” (Oviedo, Spain, 15 June 2023).

28.- Presentation of RECOVERY at the 26th World Mining Congress, titled Restoration of Ecosystem Services in Post-Mining Areas: A Recovery Project Approach, within the session Groundwater and Restoration (Brisbane, Australia, 26-29 June 2023).

Program Overview

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Download the presentation

29.- RECOVERY Best Practice Guidelines delivered, titled An innovative framework for land rehabilitation and ecological restoration of coal mining-affected areas during or after mine operations (30 June 2023).

Download the Best Practice Guidelines

30.- Presentation of RECOVERY as part of the Initiative for coal regions in transition in the Western Balkans and Ukraine (Libiąż, Poland, 4 July 2023).

Download the Agenda

The meeting was focused on presenting the problems of the mining municipalities: Libiąż, Brzeszcze, Novovolynsk and Chervonohrad, as well as the Malopolska experience in the preparation and implementation of projects planned for funding by the Just Transition Fund. Researchers from GIG were also invited to present the results of the Recovery project at the “Szyjki” waste heap – the programme includes a visit by invited guests to the heap to present GIG’s experimental testing ground.

31.- Presentation of RECOVERY during the meeting in Chrzanów with the Municipal Water Supply Company (Chrzanów, Poland, 5 July 2023).

The aim of the meeting was to present the soil substitutes production methodology developed by the RECOVERY project to the management of the Municipal Water Supply Company, responsible for the water and wastewater management in Chrzanów, Bioeco Tauron Company and AGH University from Kraków. Representatives of Janina Mine and Libiąż Municipality were also present. The discussion was held to verify the feasibility of using a sludge-based product for the soil substitutes to replace expensive and difficult to obtain in high quantities spent mushroom compost.